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I know this doesn’t reflect work to regain democracy but it does report on another threat to it. Senator Tom Cotton (R-NRA) is now flying an Appeal to Heaven flag outside his senate office, per The Daily Beast:


The writer believes he’s a strong contender in the Veepstakes and this is a signal of that. It’s interesting to note he’s quoted in the article as “I stand with George Washington and Martha-Ann”. I assume he means Martha-Ann Alito, who has been reported elsewhere as flying the upside down US flag as an international signal of distress. As I’ve commented elsewhere, perhaps she was hoping for Seal Team 6 to come chat with her neighbors over the lawn sign. So far as I know, she hasn’t commented on the Appeal to Heaven flag.

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Apparently their Secret Service detail may have been somewhat intimidating to those pesky neighbors.

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That’s great work! I’m glad you told us about it!

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Hi, Stephanie. It caught my eye that you're interviewing Mayor Zeb Smathers of Canton, NC, about his city, the importance of local action, and North Carolina’s push for democracy. I'm the President of Better Ballot NC, a pro-voter nonprofit focused on electoral reform, specifically ranked choice voting (RCV). We have a team in Western NC, as well as Durham, Raleigh, Wilmington, the Triad, and Charlotte. We are working with legislators on how to implement electoral reforms, and this involves working with elected officials in municipalities and counties to identify those that might be interested in petitioning the legislature for a local option bill, so they could use RCV in a local election. I will find a way to reach out to Mayor Smathers directly, but thought putting a comment here was a more direct response, in line with your message today: to connect pro-democracy advocates so we can build coalitions and work together.

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Memorial Day is especially a day to gratefully reflect on those who have served in the Military who gave their very lives to defend our Country. One side of my family was all Military. My Grandparents are buried at Arlington National Cemetery, my Dad and Step-Mom at Ft. Sam in SA. In researching my Dad’s Military career, I got a letter that said, “Your Dad sure knew how to be where the action was!” He came home to his small town, welcomed as a Hero, with the Silver Star, 4 Bronze Stars, the French Cross, and 2 Presidential Citations for his Unit. Miraculously, he was never wounded, but he had great difficulty getting over losing so many friends. 75,000 Americans died in the Battle of the Bulge, in the Adrienne Forest of Belgium, in the snow and 20• temp, just knocking on the door of Germany.When Gen. Eisenhower, and his Allied Army entered Germany they saw a completely devastated and utterly destroyed Country, however nothing prepared them for the first Death Camp that they came to, with piles and piles of dead bodies and Skeletons, barely walking and begging for food. Eisenhower and most of his Troops fell to their knees in prayer, and then he gave 2 Orders. First, to the film crew, film everything, for there will be those in the future who will say that this did not happen. Second, go to all of the surrounding Villages and bring back anyone who can walk to feed the skeletons, and bury the bodies. Though

the stench was almost unbearable, not one Villager would admit to having known about the Camp.

Shockingly, at one of the 2020 Presidential Debates the former President, running for the Office again, messaged one of the Facist groups in America, the Proud Boys, those who wear a shirt that says saying, “Stand Back and Stand By” setting off a firestorm of excitement on the Far Right Internet! They wear a shirt that says “6 Million was not Enough!” And on January 6, they and the Oath Keepers and all of their Fellow Facist, in order to stop the peaceful transfer of power, attacked the Capitol Building of the United States of America as Trump gleefully watched on TV, for 3 hrs along with the rest of the Country and the World! Tho told by 60 Courts across the USA, his Attorneys and his family, messaging him, as well as Hanity, that he had lost the Election, and begging him to call it off. 5 people died as a result of the Insurrection, 140 Capitol Policemen went to the Hospital, and We the People taxpayers paid $30 MILLION$$ for the repairs! Many who were arrested have pled guilty to felonies, and one guy was just sentenced to 12 years! Trump, who plays those in prison singing The “ Star Spangled Banner” at his rallies, will pardon them all, if elected!!

What is it about the Facist groups who do the Hitler salute playing Nazi!

Do they not even know how all of this ended?? Germany lost 5 Million soldiers in WWII, hundreds of thousands of civilians. As Eisenhower headed the Allied Army for Berlin, where Hitler’s entire 3rd Reich Command were waiting to surrender, Hitler who was cowering in his bunker, killed his girlfriend and then himself!

I don’t there was any saluting going on that day!

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