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Freedom Over Fascism
Best of: Brynn Tannehill: Author, Trans Activist, Combat Vet

Best of: Brynn Tannehill: Author, Trans Activist, Combat Vet

Freedom Over Fascism was formerly known as What the Gerrymander.

Brynn Tannehill is a graduate of the U. S. Naval Academy and the Air Force Institute of Technology with degrees in Computer Science and Operations Research. She is a Naval Aviator who did four deployments to locations such as the Adriatic, Middle East, and the North Atlantic. After leaving active duty she has continued to work in defense research, while as an advocate, writer, and researcher on LGBT civil rights issues and policy. She currently works at a think-tank in the Washington D.C. area as a senior analyst, where she lives with her wife and three children.

She co-authored the 2020 Biden campaign’s policy agenda for LGBT service members and veterans.

Links to Brynn's writing:

American Fascism, (2021)

Everything You Wanted to Know About Trans...But Were Afraid to Ask  (2018)

The End of Trans America Comes Into Focus (The New Republic 4/24/2023)*

* This is the basis for our discussion. It is DARK, but given the current moment, the logical conclusion to the anti-trans violence MAGA-captured America is perpetrating.

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Freedom Over Fascism
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