Freedom Over Fascism
Freedom Over Fascism
S2, E11. Debbie Cox Bultan, CEO, New Deal Leaders

S2, E11. Debbie Cox Bultan, CEO, New Deal Leaders

Stephanie talks to Debbie Cox Bultan, Co-founder and CEO of New Deal Leaders, an organization that helps select state and local leaders formulate policy once they've been elected. It also creates a community for state and local elected officials and provides resources and connections for their members.

Debbie Cox Bultan

The NewDEAL is a selective national network of pro-growth progressive state and local elected officials. Their mission is to scour the country to lift up the best and brightest leaders – including school board members, councilmembers, county executives, mayors, state legislators, and statewide leaders below the level of governor – and their good ideas to expand opportunity, spur economic growth, and create broad, sustainable progress.

As CEO of NewDEAL, she oversees both strategy and day to day operations for the organization. New Deal Leaders website

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Freedom Over Fascism
Freedom Over Fascism
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