Freedom Over Fascism
Freedom Over Fascism
S2, E8. Stephanie's Take on MAGA's "othering" of LGBTQ+ folks. Lance Preston, Rainbow Youth Project

S2, E8. Stephanie's Take on MAGA's "othering" of LGBTQ+ folks. Lance Preston, Rainbow Youth Project

In honor of National Coming Out Day and World Mental Health Month, both occurring this week, Stephanie provides context and a new analysis for the MAGA attack on LGBTQ+ youth and adults, followed by an archive recording of our September 2023 interview of Lance Preston, who talks about the mental health crisis among queer youth and the dangers of anti-queer legislation and prejudice.

Rainbow Youth Project is holding several pride events in the next few weeks: Oct 14 Northwest Florida Pride Fest and Oct 21 Southern Oklahoma Pride. Also look for RYP's forthcoming book, soon to be available on Amazon.

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H/T: Benjy Wilson for sound edit and compilation

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Freedom Over Fascism
Freedom Over Fascism
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