Freedom Over Fascism
Freedom Over Fascism
S2, E9. Chelsea McDonnel, Co-Founder MAD Voters

S2, E9. Chelsea McDonnel, Co-Founder MAD Voters

Chelsea McDonnel is a co-founder of MAD voters, a personal private baker (her confections are amazing!) and a community activist. She talks with us about reaching new and potential voters, and advocating for equal rights and freedoms for the entire individual. She's currently focused on advocacy to remove the tax on menstruation products in Indiana and has organized Period Action Day at the Indiana Statehouse on Oct 18 at 11 am. Please join her if you can. 

MADVoters is an organization located in Indiana. MV connects organizations, candidates, volunteers, and citizens to empower and advance equitable efforts in Indiana.

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Freedom Over Fascism
Freedom Over Fascism
Freedom Over Fascism hosted by historian, comms consultant, and activist Stephanie Wilson, investigates what it takes to rebuild power and freedom for people in MAGA captured states. MAGA is waging a full-out war against Americans to gain authoritarian power, and we must reclaim our freedom and our power.
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