Freedom Over Fascism
Freedom Over Fascism
S2;E2 Dr Katie McHugh, Abortion Provider, Patient Advocate, Board Certified OBGYN

S2;E2 Dr Katie McHugh, Abortion Provider, Patient Advocate, Board Certified OBGYN

Dr. Katie McHugh is a board certified OBGYN and an abortion provider, chronic pain specialist, and patient advocate.

She is currently licensed in 3 states (Indiana, Ohio, and Maryland) and travels to provide abortion care in various locations in these states to provide compassionate, trauma-informed, patient-empowering abortion care. While the work is technically difficult and logistically challenging, she says it is the most meaningful and rewarding part of her professional life.

Advocacy is an integral part of Dr. McHugh's motivation to be a physician and she is active on social media and public speaking.

As a visible physician advocate for reproductive rights and health equity, her reach as a physician extends far beyond the individual patient in the exam room.

Dr. McHugh is a queer, cis woman who delights in her two teenaged children and is lucky to be partnered with an incredible woman. Together, the family enjoys game nights, good food, and their ridiculous dogs at home in Indiana.

We talked about abortion bans in Indiana and around the country and the effects of the bans on women’s healthcare overall. I think you’ll learn a lot from someone from a unique perspective and close up view of reproductive health across the country.

Two organizations helping women and transgender individuals find the medical care they need, as mentioned in the episode:

Elevated Access: Non-profit organization that enables people to access healthcare by providing flights on private planes at no cost. Their volunteer pilot network transports clients seeking abortion or gender-affirming care across the United States.

Midwest Action Coalition: MAC is a practical abortion fund, MAC helps people traveling to, from, and within the Midwest access a safe abortion by assisting with travel coordination and costs, lodging, food, medicine, and childcare.

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Freedom Over Fascism
Freedom Over Fascism
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